Rustic castle shoot – Dvorac Fantast Dundjerski

Dvorac Fantast Dundjerski

For a while now we’ve been planning an editorial that would showcase through a rustic style and simplified dresses how we see our bride and the wedding day. By chance we went into this topic with one wedding organizer, who decided to help us plan this out.

With help and professional organization of Balkan Wedding team got us in touch with some amazing vendors throughout Serbia, such as Jovana the designer Apoe Bridal, with her truly unique dresses, Milena Milčević and her hands that do magic with makeup, and Vencanja Open Concept with decors that leave you speechless. Finally we put all these parts together into one stunning story that took place in the dvorac Fantast Dundjerski.

The castle brought into life everything we had imagined. At the end of the day, and a great gathering, we went our own ways having made new friendships and new opportunities.

Dvorac Fantast Dundjerski Editorial Shoot