22:22 House Wedding – A Hat Party

22:22 House Wedding – A Hat Party


He said “ The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you.” 


The day begins, of course, with the most beautiful flower, the bride. To make more beautiful flower, the first stop was a make-up professional artist Sanja Orlandic in AOS studio in Belgrade. Bridal make-up appears natural-looking with well-groomed eyebrows and with natural lashes too. As one of us was at the make-up studio, the other one was at the brides house shooting details. There were details like shoes with the interesting ribbon, specially designed dress by Mihano Momosa which look so stunning, so specific and so unique.

While I was walking through the house I found out that the house is full of Ercegovac hats. I was so surprised so I asked Isidora: “Are they all yours?” Ercegovac hats collection is a 90-year long tradition that started Isidora`s grandparents. Their refined and must-have fashion items are designed to be worn daily but also on a special occasion, thus coloring every individual’s appearance. In the gallery, you can see that more than 50% of people are wearing incredible Ercegovac hats and tiaras. For the special day, it was handmade by Isidora.


We stayed in Belgrade for a short time and headed to the groom in the part of Vojvodina, to the north of Serbia where was the first part of the party. There were all their relatives and friends gathered and headed to the monastery of Velika Remeta. The monastery was founded in the 14th century and it kept a lot of that old spirit. Hearts pounding, tears flowing, beautiful faces, and nervous smiles. Not much compares to the emotions of watching two people share what is in their hearts for one another in front of all their friends and family.


The place for party House 22:22 was a huge highlight of the wedding. House 22:22 looks like greenery, a rustic place arranged by Studio Jana Flower Coutre. We should mention that House 22:22 is the ownership of Serbian famous singer Natasa Bekvalac. A tree branch arbor weaved with pampas, looked like a moon gate, handmade designed jars full of dry flowers, candles around a pool, floral tables, elevated candelabra, making this area completely dreamy for the newlyweds and their guests. Everything seems to be like in a fairytale.


While everything was getting ready for the ceremony, Isidora & Darko were having few drinks with thier relatives and friends. After all that, the newlyweds danced their first dance and the party started with the light rhythms of the blouses.

Like we all know, sunset is perfect for a photo shoot. The next stop was..can you guess what? The cornfield! The couple was dancing in corn mazes. And they made these daytime dates into a romantic adventure while the sun was making perfect golden hour behind them.

The two of them have such good energy that we enjoyed working with them. Afterward, we returned to the wedding and welcomed the fireworks with sweet cake snacks, where a pool party followed so that the newlyweds and guests could cool off a bit.


We decided to take a photo on the second day as well since the wedding day was full of events. We took some pictures at their home in the backyard and on the streets of Dorcol. Suddenly, chasing around the Dorcol, we found an old rustic red Volvo in the neighborhood which was a complete hit of the photoshoot. They also took their son Lazar who brought so much happiness and smiles into their lives. He cheered them up for a photoshoot and raised their energy. After that, we went to Dorcol Platz where we drank a beer and took a couple of photos in various corners.